Solutions for Methylation Library Preparation

Solutions for Methyl-seq DNA Library Preparation

DNA methylation—a better tumor early screening marker

Cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and death in the world, and about 1 out of every 6 deaths worldwide is due to cancer. According to the "2022 National Cancer Data Report", there are 4.064 million new cases of cancer in the country, and almost 8 people suffer from cancer every minute. Combined with the latest 2020 global cancer burden data previously released by the WHO.

The development of cancer is a multi-stage slow process, which generally takes 10 to 15 years from normal to precancerous lesions. Early detection, early intervention, and early treatment are currently the best means of cancer prevention and treatment. At the same time, early detection, early intervention, and early treatment can also greatly improve the effective treatment and survival of patients.

Studies have found that the occurrence of cancer is accompanied by changes in DNA methylation patterns, including retroelements, centromeres, and hypomethylation of proto-oncogenes. Changes in methylation patterns play a key role in the occurrence and development of tumors, and exist almost throughout the development of tumors including precancerous lesions. Therefore, more and more studies will use DNA methylation detection as a marker for early screening of cancer .


NO.1 MolPure® Magnetic Circulating Cell-Free DNA Kit——cfDNA extraction 18381ES  NEW

Product Highlights:

  • High yield: high concentration of nucleic acid extracted from the same sample
  • Good quality of the extracted sample is : the extracted nucleic acid is built into a library, and the quality of the library data is high
  • Strong sample applicability: it can be applied to the extraction of cell-free DNA from plasma samples with a volume of 1-5 mL

Figure 1. The total amount of cfDNA extracted from plasma of tumor patients with different volumes (ng)


NO.2 DNA Methylation Bisulfite Kit—— 12222ES 

Product Highlights:

  • Low input: can meet the conversion of 500 pg-2 μg samples
  • High conversion efficiency: conversion rate ≥ 99%
  • Easy to operate: conversion can be completed within 3 hours


Figure 2. conversion rate of λDNA C in gDNA of 293T cells with different inputs


NO.3 ssDNA Assay Kit——12645ES

 Product Highlights:

  • Good linear range: R2>0.99;
  • High sensitivity and wide application range: quantification of 1~200 ng samples;
  • Strong tolerance: good tolerance to conventional pollutants such as proteins, salts, detergents, etc.


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MolPure® Magnetic Cell-Free DNA Kit 


cfDNA extraction

DNA Methylation Bisulfite Kit  DNA


Methylation conversion

ssDNA Assay Kit


Single stranded DNA (ssDNA) quantification

1×dsDNA HSAssay Kit


Double stranded DNA (dsDNA) quantification