Top-notch mRNAs characterized by low dsRNA levels and exceptional integrity are indispensable for disease research utilizing mRNA tools and the advancement of RNA therapeutics.

Due to the ability of dsRNA to signal through Toll-like receptors TLR3 and RLR-mediated pathways, it is crucial to control the dsRNA content during clinical research. In studies involving primary cells and stem cells, the presence of dsRNA-binding receptors will inevitably trigger an immune response. Therefore, both preclinical research and cellular-level studies require control over the dsRNA content in mRNA.

However, most conventional mRNA synthesis services do not include a step for dsRNA removal. Adding this step increases costs, making the product more expensive. Typically, mRNA is categorized into RUO (Research Use Only) grade and preclinical grade, with dsRNA content being a key distinguishing factor. Yeasen Biotechnology, through collaboration with third parties and the use of the CleaScrip™ T7 RNA polymerase, can provide mRNA with ultra-low dsRNA content for drug or vaccine development scientists from the outset. This enables researchers to access near-clinical-grade quality mRNA at a lower cost from the very beginning.

Our exclusive mRNA manufacturing process relies on CleaScript™ T7 RNA Polymerase, enabling the production of high-quality mRNAs with remarkably low dsRNA content (approximately 1/100000), coupled with numerous customizable features.


A Comprehensive Solution for CleaScript™ mRNA Production

Our mRNA production service simplifies your process from protein sequence to LNP delivery. Our expert team guarantees the excellence and expression effectiveness of your mRNA, offering a seamless, all-in-one solution.

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Because we use CleaScrip™ T7 RNA Polymerase (Low dsRNA) to produce mRNAs.

RUO-grade mRNA usually does not control dsRNA content. However, preclinical mRNA typically requires dsRNA control and has higher demands for integrity. Our service can provide mRNA with extremely low dsRNA content, reaching the level of clinical mRNA

Mostly, we use HPLC based purification for improving RNA purity in D-level room.

 CleaScript™ mRNA Products

90% - 95% (≈2000nts);About 80%(≈9000nts)

The dsRNA content of CleaScript™ mRNA is about 0.02 ng/μg, while that of conventional mRNA after dsRNA removing is about 0.2 ng/μg.

1 mg/mL in RNAse free water by default.


Cap1 with capping efficiency >90%

About 100 nts

We only accept plasmids synthesized by ourselves.

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