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Alamar Blue is an oxidative reducing indicator that can generate changes and fluorescent signals according to metabolic activity. This is a safe and non -toxic dye that can be used for quantitative analysis of cell activity and cell proliferation as well as cytokine biological determination and in vitro cytotoxicity. It can effectively determine the natural metabolic activity of animals, fungi and bacterial cells. Alamar Blue is purple -blue without fluorescence in the oxidation state. In the restore state, it transforms into a pink or red fluorescent restoration product, reflecting the consumption of oxygen molecules studied by the cells or microorganisms studied, so it is often used as oxidation. Restore the indicator to show metabolic activities observed cells and bacteria. This determination is the ability to convert reagents into fluorescence and color -color indicator based on metabolic activity. During the process of cell proliferation, the ratio of NADPH/NADP, FADH/FAD, FMNH/FMN, and NADH/NAD increased in the cells. The dyes intake in the cells are restored by these metabolic intermediates and cytochromes and release them to the outer cells and dissolved in the medium, so that the medium will change from a fluorescent blue blue to fluorescent pink. Damage and active cells have low natural metabolic activity, so the corresponding signals are lower. It can be detected with ordinary optical light meter or fluorescent light meter. It stimulates the wavelength between 530-560 nm and the transmitting light wavelength is 590 nm. Inhalery and fluorescent strength are directly proportional to the number of active cells.

This product can be widely used for cell proliferation metabolism, in vitro measurement of cytotoxic effects of drugs, and rapid detection and identification of pathogenic microorganisms. Compared with the analysis methods such as Taipanlan, TTC, MTT, MTS, etc., Alamar Blue has more advantages. Alamar Blue uses a single reagent to continuously and quickly detect the hyperplasia of cells. Because Alamar Blue is non -toxic and harmless to the cells, and does not affect the activity of antibody synthesis and secretion of cells, it can be continuously observed and further experimental observation of the hyperplasia of the same batch of cells. Therefore The characteristics of metabolism.

Shipping and Storage

Wet Ice transport. Product 4℃, is saved by light, and it is valid for at least one year.


1. Customers need to prepare a 100%reduction Alamar Blue reagent by themselves. In order to obtain the alamar blue, the mixed solution of the Alamar Blue and the cell medium needs to be prepared. The ratio of Alamar Blue to the cell medium is 1:10, and the high -pressure sterilization is 15 min. (It cannot be sterilized for the concentrated Alamar Blue high -pressure, nor can it be prepared by PBS, because the 100%restore Alamar Blue is unstable in PBS.)

2. In order to get the best results, it is recommended to explore incubation time and the number of cells before experiments.

3. The appropriate density cells can increase the detection sensitivity. For the 96-hole board, we recommend that 100 microcyllar cells are vaccinated per hole. The concentration range of the cells is: Paste wall cells at 100-10,000/holes, suspended cells are 2,000-50,000/holes, and the medium is blank. For the 384 hole plate, the cell concentration and the amount of inoculation are reduced by half.

4. The entire process should be sterilized, because microbial pollutants can also restore the test agent and affect the experimental results.

5. Pay attention to the incubation time of inoculation cell concentration and add detection reagents. The cell concentration is too high or the incubation time is too long, which will lead to a secondary reduction response, producing colorless and fluorescent disappearance.

6. During incubation, you must avoid light.

7. This product can be detected using fluorescence or spectacular optical meter, but the sensitivity of fluorescence is high and the experimental error is small. It is recommended to use fluorescence detection.
8. This product is only for scientific research!

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