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dGTP, namely 2' deoxyguanosine 5'-triphosphate, is used for molecular biological reactions, such as PCR, real-time PCR, RT-PCR, cDNA Synthesis, primer extension reaction, DNA sequencing, DNA labeling etc.

This product was in the form of sodium solution, prepared with ultrapure water, adjust pH 7.0 with a high purity NaOH solution. The concentration of dGTP is 100 mmol/L.

Ultra-high purity dGTP: >99% trisphosphate by HPLC; Free of DNase and RNase contamination.


  • Greater than 99% purity confirmed by HPLC
  • Free of human and E.coli DNA
  • Highly stable


  • Long-range PCR (20 kb)
  • cDNA synthesis and RT-PCR
  • Real-time PCR
  • Standard PCR
  • High fidelity PCR


Concentration 100 mM
CAS NO. 93919-41-6
Form Liquid
Purity >99%
Label or Dye Unlabeled
For Use With (Application) PCR Amplification


Components No. Name 10121ES25 10121ES680 10121ES96 10121ES97
10121 dGTP Solution (100 mmol/L) 400 μL 1 mL 25 mL 400 mL

Shipping and Storage

The product is shipped with dry ice and can be stored at -15℃ ~ -25℃ for 2 years. Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw.

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