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Fast blocking western is a new generation of ready-to-use, efficient, and fast Western blocking solutions. The blocking time is only 10 minutes, which is better than the traditional blocking solutions such as skim milk powder, BSA, and casein, and simplifies the Western blotting experiment. Blocking with Fast blocking western prevents nonspecific binding during antibody detection, but allows specific detection. Compared with blocking solutions, it has a higher signal, lower background, and higher signal-to-noise ratio.
The reagent does not contain protein components of mammalian origin to avoid cross reaction with antibodies. This buffer is compatible with phosphorylated antibodies as well as NC and PVDF membranes. But not for biotin labeled antibodies.


  • Ready to use blocking solutions, no need to prepare, easy to use.
  • Short blocking time, only 10 minutes, fast and efficient.
  • Lower background and higher signal-to-noise ratio, better than the traditional blocking solutions such as skim milk pow, der, BSA and casein.
  • It does not contain proteins of mammalian origin, ensures low background and high signal-to-noise ratio, and is compatible with phosphorylated antibodies.


  • Western Blot


Concentration 1X
Product Type Blocking Buffer
Validated Application Western Blot


Components No. Name 36122ES76
36122 Fast Blocking Western 500 mL


The product should be stored at 2℃ ~ 8℃ for one year.


  • Comparison of blocking effect

Figure 1 Compared with the skim milk powder, the blocking time is greatly shortened, only 1/6 of that. Compared with the competitor's blocking liquid, the strip was brighter and the background was lower.

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