Hieff™ Gold T4 DNA Ligase (5 U/μL) -10300ES

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Hieff™ Gold T4 DNA Ligase can catalyze the formation of phosphodiester bonds at the 5' phosphate end and 3' hydroxyl end of adjacent nucleic acids at blunt or sticky ends of dsDNA when ATP is used as a coenzyme, and can also catalyze RNA to link with ssDNA or ssRNA in double strands, but cannot catalyze linkages between fully single-stranded nucleotides.
This product is suitable for labeling the 3'-end of RNA, circularizing RNA and DNA oligonucleotides, cloning cDNA, etc.


  • It is suitable for nucleic acid operations such as labeling RNA 3 '-end, looping RNA and DNA oligonucleotides, and cloning cDNA.


  • Cloning (Blunt or sticky end joining)
  • A linker or adaptor can be added to the flat-end DNA


Concentration 5 U/µL
Enzyme Ligase
Product Type T4 DNA Ligase


Components No. Name 10300ES80
(1,000 U)
10300-A Hieff™ Gold T4 DNA Ligase (5 U/µL) 200 µL
10300-B 10×Ligase Buffer 400 µL

Figure 1: Ligation of Lambda DNA digest using Hieff Gold T4 DNA ligase


The product should be stored at -25°C~-15°C for two years. Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw.

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