Hieff NGS™ Complete Adapter Kit for Illumina, Set2 (049-096) -13520ES

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Hieff NGS™ Complete Adapter Kit for Illumina is designed for use with DNA and RNA library preparation kits to prepare libraries for sequencing on Illumina Platforms. The complete Adapter Kit contains 2 sets. Each set has 48 adapters lablabeledth 8-nucleotide indexes (barcode) for multiplexed sequencing applications. Set 2 contains DNA Adapters 49-96. All the reagents provided in the kit have strictly quality controlled and functional verification, which ensures the stability and repetitiveness of the library preparation to the greatest extent.


Product Type Adapter Kit
Libraries DNA or RNA Library
Input DNA amount 100 pg - 1000 ng
Input RNA amount 10 ng-4 μg
Instrument compatibility Illumina Platforms
Application NGS library preparation
Quantity 192/768 Reactions


Components No. Name 13520ES04 (48×4T) 13520ES16 (48×16T)
13520 DNA Adapter 049-096 14 μL each 56 μL each


-25℃ ~ -15℃ storage, valid for 18 months.


  • The DNA library structure

Figure 1. The DNA library structure


  • Sequence information

The sequences of DNA Adapter for Illumina:
Universal Adapter:
index Adapter:
XXXXXXXX1 represents the 8-nucleotide indexes (barcodes), which are used in Sample Sheet, and are listed in the Table below:

Figure 2. Sequence information

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