Hieff NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Fragmentation Module (end repair and dA-tailing plus)-12619ES

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Product Description

Hieff NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Fragmentation Module provides a new-generation enzymatic fragmentation reagent  designed for Illumina® and MGI® high-throughput sequencing platforms . This product simplifies the operation process compared with the complex mechanical interruption and also greatly reduces the time and cost by performing fragmentation, end repair and dA-tailing of dsDNA in one reaction.  The fragmentation products can immediately for adaptor ligation with no cleanup steps by using Hieff NGS™ Fast-Pace DNA Ligation Module (Cat#12607) or Hieff NGS™ Novel DNA Ligation Module (Cat#12626). Hieff NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Fragmentation Module can work with a broad range of DNA inputs (animal, plant and microbial genomes), ranging from 500 pg-1μg in library preparation. 

Package Information

No. Name 12619ES24 12619ES96


Smearase™ Buffer

240 μL

960 μL


Smearase™ Enzyme

120 μL

480 μL


1. 12619 is a part of Hieff NGS® OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit (Cat:12205).

2. The Smearase™ Enzyme is mixed with enzymes involved in end repair and dA-tailing.

Shipping and Storage

Hieff NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Fragmentation Module is shipped with ice pack and can storage at -20℃ for 1 year.


1. This product is compatible with a range of 500 pg - 1 μg input DNA. High quality input DNA (A260/A280 = 1.8-2.0) is highly recommended.

2. High concentration of metal ion chelator or other salt remained in Input DNA may affect subsequent experiments, it is recommended to dilute DNA in TE buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, 1 mM EDTA, pH 8.0).

Table 1. Guideline for choosing the fragmentation time of conventional genomic DNA

Main peak size of the insert fragment

Fragmentation time

Optimization range

600 bp

8 min

6-12 min

350 bp

10 min

8-14 min

250 bp

12 min

10-15 min

200 bp

15 min

13-18 min

150 bp

20 min

15-25 min

Table 2. Guideline for choosing the fragmentation time of FFPE DNA

Main peak size of the insert fragment

Fragmentation time


250 bp

9-13 min

> 8.0

250 bp

8-11 min


250 bp

4-8 min


250 bp

3-6 min


250 bp

9-13 min

> 8.0

Note: *DIN is DNA Integrity Number, which a method to define the degree of FFPE DNA degradation by using Agilent 2200.

3. For conventional high-quality genomic DNA, fragmentation time refers to Table 1. This product is compatible with various samples with different GC content and has minimal bias. For the FFPE samples with different degrees of degradation, the fragmentation time refers to Table 2. Customers need to fine-tune the recommended fragmentation time in their own experimental system to achieve the best results.

4. The DNA can be digested to the required size according to the recommended fragmentation time. In order to ensure the high-quality and stable fragmentation effect, the fragmentation process should be operated on ice.

5. For your safety and health, please wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as laboratory coats and disposable gloves, when operating with this product.

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