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Hieff NGS™ Ultima Endprep mix is a directional optimized end repair and dA tailing module designed for Illumina® & MGI®high throughput sequencing platform. The end of 500 pg - 1 μg DNA fragment can be repaired efficiently with this kit. The 5' end of the repair product contains phosphate group and the 3' end has dA protrusion. Compared with the conventional library construction method, Hieff NGS™ Ultima Endprep Mix adopts one-step reaction process, which combines the End Repair and dA tailing steps, and meanwhile reduces the reaction time of each step, thus significantly reducing the experiment time. Hieff NGS™ Ultima Endprep mixis optimized for use with the Hieff NGS™ Novel DNA ligation module for kit (Cat#12805). All reagent components provided in this product have undergone strict quality and function verification to ensure the excellent performance and inter batch stability of the product to the highest extent.

Product Component




Endprep Mix

240 μL

960 μ

Shipping and Storage

The product is shipped with dry ice and can be stored at -20°C for one year. 


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