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The Magnetic Separation Rack is mainly suitable for 200/500/1500 μL EP tubes. The components are as follows: metal frame, magnetic stripe and EP tube brackets including three size: 13 × 0.2 ml, 13 × 0.5ml , 7 × 1.5 ml.


  • Heavy. Not easy to pour.

  • The strongest magnets certified for use with magnetic beads

  • Options to accommodate most working volumes

Shipping and Storage

Room temperature


1. Do not use the blade to open the box to prevent the outer surface of the scratching magnetic frame.

2. In order to ensure the use of the Metal Magnetic rack of the Measen metal, please use it in a dry environment at room temperature, low temperature may cause weakening magnetic force.

3. Do not sterilize Yeasen's magnetic rack. The magnetic strip of the magnetic rack can be cleaned with neutral cleaner to disable organic solvents.


DNA/RNA separation

NGS DNA selection

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