Monkeypox Virus Real Time qPCR Kit (UDG plus) -13863ES

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Monkeypox Virus Real Time qPCR Kit (UDG plus) is a PCR kit for the detection of the monkeypox virus. Contains monkeypox virus primer probes, using the company's new-generation antibody method hot-start Taq enzyme 2× Mix master mix reagent and positive control, including Mg2+ and dNTP, etc., and adding factors and enhancements that effectively inhibit non-specific PCR amplification The factor of the amplification efficiency of the multiplex qPCR reaction can improve the amplification efficiency of the reaction and promote the efficient amplification of low-concentration templates. This product contains UDG enzymes, which effectively prevent the risk of aerosol contamination.


  • Efficient and convenient operation --the reaction solution was premixed
  • High detection sensitivity -- a limit of detection 5 copies/μL
  • Stability -- 37℃ for 1-2 weeks, repeated freezing and thawing 50 times stable performance
  • Linear relationship -- linear range of 10 ~ 1×105 copies/μL, R2 > 0.99, with good linear relationship
  • Repeatability -- positive samples  repeated 10 times with no significant difference in Ct value and CV less than 3%
  • Multi-platform and multi-system application -- Bio-Rad CFX96, ABI Q5, 7500 and Slan are applicable


  • Auxiliary diagnosis of monkeypox virus


Fidelity (vs. Taq) 1 ×
Hot Start YES
Polymerase Taq DNA Polymerase
Reaction Format Master Mix
Reaction Speed Standard
Product Type PCR Master Mix (2×)


Components No. Name 13863ES25 (25 T) 13863ES60 (100 T) 13863ES80 (1,000T)
13863-A 2×TaqMan qPCR Mix 313 μL 1.25 mL 12.5 mL
13863-B Prime&Probe Mix 25 μL 100 μL 1 mL
13863-C MPV Negative Control 125 μL 500 μL 5 mL
13863-D MPV Positive Control 125 μL 500 μL 5 mL


The product should be stored at -25°C ~ -15°C for one year. This product avoids repeated freeze-thaw. It is recommended to save.


  • Stability testes

Figure 1. Stability verification of monkeypox reagent.

YEASEN qPCR monkeypox kit (Cat#13863ES) was accelerated at 37℃ for 7 days, 14 days or repeatedly freeze-thawed for 50 times. The results showed that: The baseline of the amplification curve before and after treatment was stable, the difference in Ct value of positive samples before and after treatment was less than 0.5, the deviation of fluorescence value was less than 10%, and the negative control and blank control had no peak and no trailing phenomenon, showing ultra-high stability.

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