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SuperSignal MaxiSignal Maximum Sensitivity Substrate is designed to detect antibodies and associated antigens directly or indirectly labeled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The principle is that proteins or nucleic acids were transferred to the imprinted membrane after electrophoresis, and the target proteins on the membrane were bound by primary antibody and secondary antibody labeled with HRP, or the nucleic acids on the membrane were bound directly or indirectly by probes labeled with HRP. After washing the membrane, the ECL working solution prepared by the product was used to incubate the membrane at room temperature for several minutes. The imprinted membrane was wrapped with plastic wrap and fixed to the X-ray exposure Cassette. Then the X-ray film is pressed on the membrane in a darkroom and exposed for several seconds to several hours. After development and fixing, protein or nucleic acid bands can be clearly displayed on the X-ray film.
This kit has a unique luminescent/enhanced substrate system, While reducing the exposure background, the introduction of a new oxidant greatly improves the stability of the kit, which can achieve low fick-grade western blotting detection. In addition to X-rays, can also be detected by the automatic imaging system.


  • High sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio, it can detect low fick-grade antigens.
  • Long duration of luminescence, fluorescence can make X-ray film sensitive for more than 8 hours, especially suitable for detecting trace protein or nucleic acid.
  • Higher dilution ratio antibodies can be used to greatly save antibodies.
  • Dilution ratio of primary antibody (liquid storage concentration 1mg/mL) : 1:1000-1:100000.
  • Dilution ratio of secondary antibody (liquid storage concentration 1mg/mL): 1:100000-1:500000.


  • Chemiluminescence ELISA 
  • Western Blot 
  • Dot Blot-DNA/RNA 
  • Southern blot-DNA 
  • Northern blot-RNA


Recommended Antibody Concentrations

primary antibody (liquid storage concentration 1mg/mL): 1:1000-1:100000

secondary antibody (liquid storage concentration 1mg/mL): 1:100000-1:500000

Signal Duration < 8 h 
Substrate Properties Chemical Substrate
Substrate Type HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase) Substrate
Sensitivity low fick-grade antigens


Components No. Name 36224ES10(10 mL) 36224ES60(100 mL) 36224ES70(200 mL) 36224ES76(500 mL)
36224-A MaxiSignal ECL - Reagent A 5 mL 50 mL 100 mL 250 mL
36224-B MaxiSignal ECL - Reagent B 5 mL 50 mL 100 mL 250 mL


The product should be stored at 2℃~8℃ for one year. 
Notes: 36224-A should be stored away from the light!


  • Effect Contrast of Maximum Sensitivity Substrate

Figure 1.  Comparison of detection effect between YEASEN Maxisignal substrate and West Femto of the same level substrate of other brands

YEASEN ECL reagent has a better use effect than other brands of the same level of products.

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