Yeasen Biotechnology is a leading biotechnology company specializing in protein engineering and directed evolution technology. Since its establishment in 2014, Yeasen has been dedicated to the advancement of molecular enzymes and proteins within the life science sector. Leveraging their proprietary materials, Yeasen has undertaken the development of reagents across three key categories: molecules, proteins, and cellular biology. These products cater to the demands of the life science research, molecular diagnostics, and biopharmaceutical industries. Over the years, Yeasen has evolved into a distinguished high-tech enterprise, boasting self-reliant research and development as well as manufacturing capabilities.

Maryland Lab, USA

 UCF.ME facility, Wuhan, China



The company's primary product range encompasses various categories, including qPCR, NGS, reverse transcription, nucleic acid extraction and purification, molecular cloning, in vitro transcription, antibody and recombinant protein, cell analysis, cell culture, cell transfection, and reporter gene detection, among others. Our product supply is robust, thanks to our state-of-the-art Ultra Clean Molecular Enzyme factory (UCF.ME) and our dedicated "mRNA tools" factory. These products consistently adhere to high-quality standards, as we operate in accordance with ISO13485 guidelines and strictly adhere to GMP standards.



Based on the common biotechnology in the field of life sciences such as genetic engineering technology, bioinformatics technology, cell biology technology, immunology technology, and biochemical analysis technology, Yeasen has established six core technology platforms.


1. ZymeEditor™ Protein Directed Evolution and Rational Design Platform  

2. HiSpecif™ Highly Specific Antibody Platform 

3. High Density Protein Fermentation & Ultra-clean Protein Purification Platform

4. NGS Library Preparation R&D Platform

5. Molecular Diagnostic Reagent R&D Platform

6. mRNA Vaccine and drug R&D Platform

The following is a brief introduction of ZymeEditor: 

 Protein Expression Workflow:




For Yeasen, our customer is the first priority. We provide superior products and services to our customers: academic labs, detection companies, therapeutic companies, and many hospitals, research institutions, CRO companies and pharmaceuticals etc. Remarkably, we have established a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation with multiple top-tier sequencing service providers in China, winning a national leading brand in NGS library preparation kits.


  • To enable success of our customers
  • Together to make a healthier and brighter world


  • Rank among the top 10 global companies in the life science tools industry.
  • Use technological innovation to drive the transformation of the life and health industry.
  • Establish production and quality standards for the life and health industry.
  • Keep learning and be courageous in tackling difficulties.




  • Treat people with sincerity, honesty and integrity.
  • Speak and act candidly.


  • Achieving the best self is achieved by helping others.
  • Altruism is the belief, and win-win is the result.


  • Keep curiosity and embrace change.
  • Technology pursues new breakthroughs, while work pursues new methods.

 Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Cooperate with teammates and trust them.
  • Take responsibility and actively communicate to solve problems.


  • Strive for a lofty goal to achieve the mission.
  • Forge ahead and never stop.



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