Hieff NGS™ MaxUp rRNA Depletion Kit (Plant) -12254ES

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Hieff NGS™ MaxUp rRNA Depletion Kit (Plant) is designed to remove rRNA (including cytoplasmic 18S and 25S rRNA, mitochondrial 18S and 26S rRNA, chloroplast 16S and 23S rRNA) from plant total RNA based on RNase H-based workflow and to retain mRNA and other non-coding RNA. This kit is suitable for both intact and partially degraded RNA samples. 


  • Strong specificity: specifically remove rRNA from various plant samples
  • High compatibility of template starting amount: applicable to 100 ng~1μg sample
  • Stable quality: strict batch performance and stability quality control


Depletion Technology RNase H
Sample Type Total RNA of Plant
Final Product Type mRNA and other non coding RNAs
No. of Reactions 24/96 Preps
Starting Material Amount 100 ng~1 μg total RNA
Target Remove rRNA


Components No. Name 12254ES24 12254ES96
12254-A Hybridization Buffer 72 μL 288 μL
12254-B Probe Mix (Plant) 72 μL 288 μL
12254-C RNase H Buffer 72 μL 288 μL
12254-D RNase H 48 μL 192 μL
12254-E DNase I Buffer 660 μL 2×1320 μL
12254-F DNase I 60 μL 240 μL


-25℃ ~ -15℃ storage, valid for one year.


  • High deletion rate in various plant

Figure1. High deletion rate in various plant using Hieff NGS™ MaxUp rRNA Depletion Kit (Plant).

1 μg Total RNA from various plant was used and RNA library was constructed using YEASEN Dual-mode RNA Library Prep Kit (Cat#12308) and rRNA Depletion Kit (Cat#12254). Calculated the percent reads of undeletion and deletion rate of rRNA rate in these RNA library.

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