The Hieff NGS dsDNA Methyl Library Prep Kit _ 12214ES

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The Hieff NGS dsDNA Methyl Library Prep Kit for Illumina is a double-stranded DNA methylation library preparation kit developed for the Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. This kit utilizes appropriate methylated adapters for ligation, followed by treatment with bisulfite or enzyme conversion, and then a PCR amplification step to construct methylated libraries for sequencing on the Illumina platform. All components of the kit undergo quality control and functional validation to ensure stable library output, supporting various types of DNA samples including gDNA, cfDNA, and FFPE. The recommended input DNA amount for this kit is 10 ng to 1000 ng, and it is compatible with commonly used conversion protocols.

Product information


12214ES08 / 12214ES24 / 12214ES96


8 T / 24 T / 96 T









Endprep Buffer

56 μL

168 μL

672 μL


Endprep Enzyme

24 μL

72 μL

288 μL


Ligation Enhancer

240 μL

720 μL

3×960 μL


Rapid T4 DNA Ligase

80 μL

240 μL

960 μL


Methyl Stubby Adapter

40 μL

120 μL

480 μL


2 × Canace® Uracil + PCR Mix 2.0

200 μL

600 μL

2×1200 μL


Storage Conditions

Store at -25~-15°C, valid for one year.


   1. For your safety and health, wear a lab coat and disposable gloves while handling.

   2. Before use, thaw all components of the kit at room temperature. After thawing, mix thoroughly by inverting several times, briefly centrifuge, and keep on ice until ready to use.

   3. When preparing reaction mixtures for each step, it is recommended to mix by pipetting up and down or gently vortexing. Vigorous shaking may result in decreased library yield.

   4. To avoid cross-contamination of samples, it is recommended to use filter tips and to change tips between different samples.

   5. Perform all steps in a PCR machine with a heated lid, and preheat the PCR machine to the reaction temperature before use.

   6. PCR products are highly susceptible to aerosol contamination, which can affect the accuracy of experimental results. It is recommended to physically separate the PCR setup area from the PCR product purification and detection area. Use dedicated pipettes and equipment for each area, and regularly clean each area with 0.5% sodium hypochlorite or 10% bleach to maintain cleanliness.

   7. This product is for research use only!

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