1× dsDNA HS Assay Kit -12642ES

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1×dsDNA HS Assay Kit is a rapid, highly sensitive and accurate fluorescent quantitative detection kit for double-stranded DNA (dsDNA). This kit is highly selective for dsDNA and has good linearity in the range of 0.2 ng-100 ng, the quantitation range is between 10 pg/μL to 100 ng/μL. This kit is easy to operate, providing a ready-to-use working solution that enables simple dsDNA sample quantification on Qubit Fluorometer or Fluorescence Microplate Reader. It is ideal choice for NGS large-scale DNA sample quantification (such as input DNA quantification, DNA library quantification, etc.). This kit is well tolerated to common contaminants such as proteins and salts.


  • High sensitive: the concentrations ranging from 10 pg/µ l to 100 ng/µL of dsDNA can be accurately quantified;
  • High specificity: this product is highly selective to dsDNA and is not affected by RNA, has good tolerance to some conventional pollutants, such as salt, free nucleotide, protein, solvent, detergent, etc;
  • Ready to use: 1x working solution, just add the dsDNA sample to be tested and test it with Qubit fluorometer or Fluorescence Microplate Reader at room temperature


  • dsDNA quantification with Qubit or Microplate Reader
  • NGS library quantification


Assay dsDNA Quantitation
Excitation/Emission 480/520
For Use With (Equipment) Qubit Fluorometer, Microplate Reader
No. of Reactions 100T/500T
Product Line Qubit Quantitation
Quantitation Range 10 pg/μL to 100 ng/μL
Sample Volume 1 μL to 20 μL
Detection Method Fluorescent


Components No. Name Concentration 12642ES60 (100T) 12642ES76 (500T)
12642-A 1×dsDNA HS Working Solution 1×concentrate in DMSO 50 mL 250 mL
12642-B dsDNA Standard 1 0 ng/μL in TE buffer 1 mL 5×1 mL
12642-C dsDNA Standard 2 10 ng/μL in TE buffer 1 mL 5×1 mL

Shipping and Storage

All the components are shipped with ice pack and can be stored at 2-8℃ away from light for one year.


Figure 1 Dye binding efficiency and fluorescence signal persistence

The fluorescence signal of Cat#12642 reached saturation within 2min and remained stable within 5h.

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