Hieff NGS™ Dual Barcode Fast-Pace DNA Cyclization Kit for MGI -13340ES

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The Hieff NGS™ Dual Barcode Fast-Pace DNA Cyclization Kit for MGI is a single-strand cyclization kit specifically designed for MGI platforms. The use of high-quality enzymes and optimized Buffer significantly improve reaction efficiency, enabling the entire cyclization and digestion process to be completed in less than 30 minutes. This kit is suitable for all standard dual-barcode libraries for MGI platforms and is not limited to different MGI sequencing platforms except for the limitations of the library-prep reagents.


  • Wide range of use: compatible with mainstream library preparation kits (KAPA, etc.)
  • Fast cyclization: a 1-hour rapid cyclization
  • High cyclization efficiency: the cfDNA cyclization efficiency>30%, other sample types>40%


  • To prepare a single-stranded circular DNA library dedicated to the MGI high-throughput sequencer


Product Type NGS Library Preparation
Product Line DNA library Preparation
Input DNA The recommended Input DNA is 1 pmol, if the PCR product is insufficient, down to 0.5 pmol
For Use With (Application) Dual Barcode DNA Cyclization Kit for MGI
For Use With (Equipment) MGI Platforms
Quantity 16/96 Reactions


Components No. Name 13340ES16 (16T) 13340ES96 (96T)
13340-A DB Splint Oligo 96 μL 576 μL
13340-B Splint Buffer 240 μL 2×720 μL
13340-C Ligase 80 μL 480 μL
13340-D Digestion Buffer 128 μL 768 μL
13340-E Digestion Enzyme 32 μL 192 μL


-25℃ ~ -15℃ storage, valid for one year.

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