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FuniCut™ enzymes are a series of engineered restriction enzymes that are capable of fast DNA digestion. All FuniCut™ enzymes show superior activity in the universal FuniCut™ Buffer and are able to digest DNA in 5~15 minutes. This enables any combination of restriction enzymes to work simultaneously in one reaction tube and eliminates the need for sequential digestions. FuniCut™ enzymes have passed multiple strict quality control steps, and can be used to digest plasmid, genomic and viral DNA as well as PCR products.


  • Rapid digestion: DNA was digested rapidly by enzyme for 5-15 min
  • Universal buffer: one tube reaction, simplifying the process 
  • Stringent quality control


  • Molecular cloning
  • Southern blotting
  • SNP
  • Southern blotting
  • Genotyping


Enzyme DpnI
Cutting Site 5'-GAm6↓TC-3' 3'-CT↑Am6G-5'
Optimal Reaction Temperature 37℃
Sensitive to Heat Inactivation YES
Type IIs RE NO
Methylation Sensitivity Not CpG Methylation-Sensitive, Not Dam Methylation-Sensitive, Not Dcm Methylation-Sensitive, Not EcoKI Methylation-Sensitive, EcoBI Methylation-Sensitive
Star Activity 3 h incubation did not show star activity, and delayed enzyme digestion might show star activity
Isoschizomers NO


Components No. Name 15052ES50 (50 T)
15052-A FuniCut™ DpnI 50 μL
15052-B 10× FuniCut™ Buffer 1 mL
15052-C 10× FuniCut™ Color Buffer 1 mL


The product should be stored at -25℃ ~ -15℃ for two years. Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw.

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