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PNGase F is an amidohydrolase that can cleave high-mannose, hybrid, and complex oligosaccharides linked by asparagine, specifically removing N-linked glycans. However, the conventional PNGase F enzymatic reaction often takes several hours to release antibody N-glycans. Due to the preferential release of glycans, incomplete deglycosylation might result in biased outcomes, with the obtained glycan distribution failing to represent the true composition of therapeutic antibodies. Therefore, rapidly obtaining an accurate N-glycan profile is crucial for glycosylation monitoring during the production of antibodies and antibody-fusion proteins used in biotherapeutics.

Yeasen Fast PNGase FGlycerol-freeis an optimized recombinant reagent capable of thoroughly and rapidly deglycosylating antibodies, immunoglobulins, fusion proteins, and other glycoproteins within minutes. This enzyme can swiftly and non-selectively remove all N-glycans, enabling direct downstream chromatography or mass spectrometry analysis. Yeasen Fast PNGase FGlycerol-free simplifies the experimental procedure while reducing experimental time without compromising sensitivity and reproducibility.


FastComplete and rapid deglycosylation in a few minutes.

High purity—No protease, glycosidase contamination, purity ≥95%.

Non-selectiveQuickly and without preference remove all N-glycans.

Good compatibilityDirectly used for downstream chromatography or MS spectrometry analysis.


Glycan Sequencing

Glycoprotein Analysis

Recombinant Glycoprotein Expression


English synonym

Fast PNGase FGlycerol-free


Yeast recombinant expression

Storage buffer

20 mM Tris-HCl pH 7.5, 50 mM NaCl, 5 mM EDTA


Components No.





Fast PNGase F

20 μL

50 μL


Fast PNGase F Buffer

80 μL

200 μL


The product can be stored at 2 ~ 8℃ for one year, do not freeze.


Figure 1. Two-step enzymatic cleavage effect  (protein substrate)

1: Protein Marker(Cat#20350ES)

2: Competitor + substrate 3: Competitor + substrate

4: Yeasen Fast PNGase F + substrate 

5: Yeasen Fast PNGase + substrate F 

6: Substrate

7: Yeasen Fast PNGase F

8: Competitor


Figure 2Two-step enzymatic cleavage effect  (antibody)

1: Protein Marker(Cat#20350ES)

2: Competitor + antibody 3: Competitor + antibody

4: Yeasen Fast PNGase F + antibody 

5: Yeasen Fast PNGase F + antibody 

6: Antibody

7: Yeasen Fast PNGase F

8: Competitor



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