Precast Running Buffer for SDS PAGE, 2 L (Powder) -36257ES

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This buffer is specially designed for the high resolution precast gel (Cat#36245-Cat#36256), for the high resolution precast gel (Hepes-Tris), this product has a better electrophoresis effect, and is effective for denatured protein electrophoresis. The product is provided in powder form. Before use, ddH2O can be fixed to 200 mL and prepared into 10×mother liquor, and then diluted into 2 L in the proportion of 10 times solution; Or directly add 2 L water, with 1×solution for use.


  • Easy to use: Open the wrapping paper, pour out the powder, and add ddH2O to 2 L in a constant volume.
  • Long shelf life: can be stored at room temperature for two years


  • The high resolution precast gel (Hepes-Tris)


Formula 2 L 1×HEPES running buffer: Tris 12.112 g, HEPES 23.832 g, SDS 2 g, EDTA 1.17 g


Components No. Name 36257ES05
36257 Precast Running Buffer, 2 L (Powder) 1 packet

Shipping and Storage

The product is shipped at room temperature and the powder can be stored at room temperature for two years.

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