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The Yeasen 96-well metal magnetic stand is compatible with PCR 8-tubes and 96-well plates without skirting or with half skirting. The stand has 13 columns of holes designed to adjust the position of the 96-well plate on the stand, ensuring thorough washing of magnetic beads. This 96-well metal magnetic stand is suitable for processes such as nucleic acid sample separation and purification, and fragment selection in high-throughput sequencing library construction. Additionally, the stand is made of a unique lightweight material and can be used with a microplate centrifuge.

1. Fit 96-well PCR plates and 8-strip tube.
2. Suitable for the magnetic bead separation and purification of nucleic acids.
3. Used together with magnetic bead.
4. Fast beads adsorption effect. 



Place the 96-well PCR plate or 8-tubes containing magnetic beads on the magnetic stand. Wait until the beads are fully attracted to the walls of the tubes before proceeding to the next step.


Shipping and Storage

Transport at room temperature and store at room temperature.



1. Do not autoclave the Yeasen magnetic stand. If necessary, clean with a clean cloth dampened with water or a mild detergent.

2. To ensure the effectiveness of the Yeasen 96-well metal magnetic stand, use it in a dry environment below 50°C. If the stand is placed in a low-temperature environment such as -20°C, it should be returned to room temperature before use, but low temperatures may cause a reduction in magnetic strength.

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