Yeasen's products shine brightly at Medlab 2024!

Yeasen's products shine brightly at Medlab 2024!


On February 5, 2024, Medlab Middle East 2024 opened grandly at the Dubai World Trade Center. Yeasen made a shining debut with its star products (booth number #Z2.J03), attracting many visitors to our booth to learn about the products and gain recognition from customers and the market.

In the Middle East, the government invests a lot of money in research and development of new products and other projects. These main investments have brought expanded business opportunities to industries such as bioengineering, experimental instruments, and analytical testing equipment, and have also promoted the development of such projects, allowing more exhibitors to bring more world-leading laboratory equipment and testing products through the exhibition platform. , also attracted the active participation of healthcare experts, purchasers, dealers, and distributors worldwide to promote thought collision and business cooperation.


Medlab Middle East is a professional international trading platform in medical laboratory equipment and testing in the Middle East. It brings together more than 700 medical laboratory manufacturers from more than 40 countries worldwide. Last year, Yeasen made its debut at Medlab Middle East with brilliant results. This year 2024, Yeasen will actively participate in Medlab Middle East, striving to expand and establish market influence in the Middle East.

At this exhibition, Yeasen showed the world the charm of Yeasen's products with a lineup of exhibits composed of many blockbuster products and diversified solutions.

11211ES Hieff Unicon Universal Multiplex qPCR Master Mix
13747ES Hifair™V Multiplex One Step RT-qPCR Probe Kit (UDG Plus)
13775ES Hieff Unicon™ V Lyo-nCoV Multiplex One-Step RT-qPCR Kit
14405ES Lyophilized Bst Plus DNA Polymerase (60 U/uL, Glycerol-Free)